DCHS Student Brings Air Soft Pistols to School

A DCHS student who bragged to a fellow classmate about bringing a gun to school was taken into custody Friday after two air soft pistols were found in his automobile parked on campus.
Sheriff Patrick Ray told WJLE that the 17 year old boy is charged in a juvenile petition with committing a delinquent act, to wit: carrying or possessing weapons on school property. He will appear before Juvenile Court Judge Bratten Cook, II on December 3.
According to Sheriff Ray, the boy told another student at school Friday that he had a gun in his pocket. When the student said she didn’t believe him, the boy claimed he was serious and held his hand inside the pocket of a sweatshirt he wore in a manner that made it appear he had a gun. The teen never displayed a weapon and made no threats toward anyone, according to Sheriff Ray.
The incident was reported to assistant principal David Gash. Both Gash and Principal Patrick Cripps went to the boy’s classroom, pulled him out of class and searched him. Finding no weapons on the boy, Gash and Cripps went to his vehicle and found two air soft pistols, which resembled real guns. One of them was loaded.
When confronted about the air soft guns, the boy admitted that they belonged to him. He was brought by the School Resource Officer to the Sheriff’s Department . After consulting with the District Attorney General, officers filed a juvenile petition against the teen.
Airsoft pistols shoot plastic pellets commonly known as “BBs.

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