UPDATED: DeKalb County to Have Two State Representatives Under Redistricting Plan

DeKalb County would have two State Representatives under a new Republican drawn redistricting plan unveiled Wednesday.
State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver would continue to represent Smith County and most of DeKalb County as part of the 40th district but the southern portion of DeKalb County would become part of another district with Cannon and a large portion of Wilson County, represented by Republican Mark Pody of Wilson County. Legislative atttorney Doug Himes told WJLE Thursday that a total of 6,126 DeKalb County residents would be in Pody’s 46th district. The precincts affected include Belk, Keltonburg, and Blue Springs in the sixth district, a small portion of the Middle School precinct in the third district, and a small portion of the Church of Christ Annex precinct in the seventh district. The rest of DeKalb County (12,597 residents) would remain in Weaver’s 40th district.
Weaver would also lose Macon County but she would pick up Trousdale County and a portion of Sumner County.
The plan would have to be enacted by the State Legislature before it could take effect.
Click Link Below to See Statewide House Redistricting Planhttp://www.capitol.tn.gov/house/docs/Statewide010412.pdf
Meanwhile, State Senator Mae Beavers would continue to represent DeKalb County as part of the 17th district under the Republican drawn senate redistricting map.
Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey announced the release of the plan Wednesday, which was put together by the Senate’s Working Group on Redistricting with the assistance of the Office of Legal Services and is now available at the General Assembly’s website.
Click Link Below to see the Middle Tennessee Senate Redistricting Planhttp://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/redist/Plan%20H%20Middle.jpg
Under the plan, Senator Beavers’ 17th district would still be made up of Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Macon, Smith, and Wilson Counties, but Beavers would lose Trousdale County and the one precinct she represents in Sumner County to the 18th district.
“We were committed to drawing a fair and legal state senate map and that is exactly what we have done.” said Lt. Governor Ramsey. “The map emphasizes regional integrity and adheres to state and federal laws as well as court precedent. I look forward to concluding the redistricting process swiftly and efficiently as soon as we go into session next week.”
In addition to Lt. Governor Ramsey the Senate Working Group on redistricting included three regional coordinators: Majority Leader Mark Norris, Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron and Speaker Pro Tempore Bo Watson.
This release includes both a statewide map as well as regional and urban center breakout maps for public perusal. A comprehensive memorandum explaining the new map in detail can also be found at the website: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/senate/redist/redistricting.html.

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