Three Arrested on Drug Charges Monday by DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department

Three people were arrested on drug charges by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department Monday morning.
Sheriff Patrick Ray says 28 year old Robert Paul Brawley and 26 year old Lindsay Lee Stribling both of Felts Road, Sparta and 34 year old Kevin Donald Bogle of Floyd Drive Smithville were all arrested Monday after a deputy noticed a vehicle in a business parking lot on Highway 70. The headlights were on and the hood had been raised. After stopping and talking with the subjects, the officer noticed a vile in the driver’s side door. He asked for consent to search the vehicle and Brawley consented. When the deputy starting searching the vehicle, Brawley turned where the officer could not see his front side and began stuffing something down in his pants. After discovering what Brawley was doing, the deputy then tried to stop him, but Brawley began to resist. After Brawley was cuffed, officers found that Brawley was trying to conceal a bag containing two hypodermic needles, cut straws, alcohol pads, and small baggies. They also found a container in Brawley’s pocket with three small baggies of white powder believed to be methamphetamine and half of a small yellow pill believed to be dilaudid. An illegal knife was also confiscated from the floorboard of Brawley’s vehicle. When deputies asked Brawley for his name, Brawley told them he was Robert Johnson. Officers later made a positive identification of the man as Brawley. When Deputies placed him into the back of the patrol car he began to hit the doors and windows and caused some damage to the interior of the vehicle. The two passengers in the vehicle were also arrested after deputies found drugs on them. Upon a pat down search, Stribling was found to have marijuana cigarettes, a marijuana roach, and rolling papers in her pockets. Bogle was charged after deputies found two Hydrocodone pills under the seat where he was sitting.
Brawley was charged with possession of a schedule II drug (Methamphetamine) for resale, possession of a prohibited weapon, resisting arrest, criminal impersonation, vandalism, simple possession of a schedule II drug (Dilaudid), and possession of drug paraphernalia. His total bond was set at $34,000.
Stribling was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession. Her bond was set at $2,000. Bogle was charged with simple possession and his bond is $2,500.
All three will appear in court on December 11th.
Meanwhile, 22 year old Wayne Lee Parks of Stonefield Way Bardstown, Kentucky was arrested on Sunday for theft of property under $500 after he allegedly took a DVD player from a rental cabin on Highway 56 North.
Sheriff Ray says Parks was stopped on 70 West by Smithville Police and was found to have the DVD player in his possession. Parks was also driving a stolen vehicle out of Kentucky. Parks’ bond was set at $2,500 and he will be in court November 26th. He is also wanted by the State of Kentucky for stealing the vehicle.

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