Sheriff Emmons Loses Bid For Re-election In Primary Race

DeKalb County Sheriff Lloyd Emmons lost his bid for re-election by 207 votes in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary falling to challenger Myron Rhody 1,754 (50%) to 1,547 (44%)
Rhody will face Republican nominee Patrick Ray for Sheriff in the August General Election. Emmons’ term expires August 31.
A total of 3,706 people voted in the primary including 3,639 who cast ballots in person (early voting and election day) and 67 by absentee.
Including the absentee votes cast from each precinct, Rhody won six of the sixteen precincts and carried the early vote. Rhody also had a majority of the absentees. Rhody carried Snow Hill, Middle School, Belk, Keltonburg, Blue Springs, and the Church of Christ Annex.
Emmons carried ten of the sixteen precincts including Alexandria, Temperance Hall, Edgar Evins State Park, Liberty, Dowelltown, Cherry Hill, Rock Castle, Courthouse, Johnson’s Chapel, and the Elementary School.
The other two candidates for Sheriff were David C. Redmon, who received 122 votes, and Randall Stanley who had 111 votes.

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