Season Finale of WJLE’s “Fearless Forecasters” to Air Today (Thursday)

The final edition for the season of WJLE’s “Fearless Forecasters” will air today (Thursday, January 12) at 4:30 p.m.
Awards will be presented to Dewain Hendrixson of DeKalb Ace Hardware, who compiled the overall best record for the season at 168-83 and to Darrell Gill of DeKalb Tire and Service who had the most “underdog” points at 86.
Other members of the panel are Scott Brown of Middle Tennessee Natural Gas, Chad Kirby of Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, Jeff James of DeKalb County Insurance, Ricky Atnip of the Charles D. Atnip Realty and Auction Company, WJLE sports broadcaster and DCHS Teacher and Coach John Pryor, and Joe Goodwin sponsored by Liberty State Bank.
The final standings of the Fearless Forecasters in picking winners are as follows:
Dewain Hendrixson: 168-83
Ricky Atnip: 165-86 (3)
Joe Goodwin: 165-86 (3)
Jeff James: 162-89 (6)
Darrell Gill: 157-94 (11)
John Pryor: 155-96 (13)
Guests: 155-96 (13)
Scott Brown: 145-106 (23)
Chad Kirby: 145-106 (23)
Final Underdog Points Results (Number of points accumulated by the FORECASTERS according to the lines or spreads in picking underdogs who won and the records of success)
Darrell Gill: 86 points (7-12)
Jeff James: 72.5 points (6-13)
Ricky Atnip: 69.5 points (7-12)
Chad Kirby: 56.5 points (5-14)
John Pryor: 37 points (4-15)
Dewain Hendrixson: 37 points (6-12)
Scott Brown: 33.5 points (3-16)
Joe Goodwin: 16.5 points (2-17)
Guests:13 points (2-17)
The special guests who appeared on the Fearless Forecasters Show this season were TWRA officer Tony Cross, DeKalb County Fire Chief and DeKalb County Farm Service Agency Executive Director Donny Green, DCHS Girls Basketball and Softball Coach Danny Fish, Minister Bill Robertson, County Mayor Tim Stribling, DCHS Baseball Coach Jon Adam Kefauver, Rhea County High School Girls Basketball Coach Darvin Gill, Cannon County educator Freddie Curtis, Minister Larry Green, County Clerk James L. (Jimmy) Poss, DCHS educator Chris Vance, DeKalb School System Attendance Supervisor Joey Reeder, MTNG CEO Jim Hodges, Attorney Sarah Cripps, and DCHS Tiger Football Coach Steve Trapp.
Thanks to our sponsors Liberty State Bank, DeKalb County Ace Hardware, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas, Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, DeKalb County Insurance, DeKalb Tire and Service, and the Charles D. Atnip Realty & Auction Company.
Catch the final edition for the season of the “Fearless Forecasters” LIVE on WJLE today (Thursday, January 12) at 4:30 p.m.

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