Rash of Vandalism Cases Reported

Smithville Police had reports of vandalism last week at several businesses.
It appears someone went around town and shot holes through windows of at least four business buildings.
No arrests have been made, but in one case, videotape from a surveillance video may have given officers a clue.
The following are summaries of police reports filed in each case.
On December 16th, Officer Matt Holmes met with the owner of 701 South College Street, Creative Styles who advised him that damage was done overnight to the entrance doors to the building. Damage was estimated at $1,600
On December 19th, Officer Holmes was called again to Creative Styles to meet with the owner who advised him that when she came to work to open up she noticed two windows shattered. Upon investigation, Officer Holmes found a small round brass ball which looked to be slingshot ammunition. The same ammunition was found outside the business.
On December 19th, Officer Holmes responded to the Fred’s Department store building. In his report, Officer Holmes, wrote that “I found a small round brass ball outside. After investigating, I found four more of the same brass balls.”
The same day, December 19th, Officer Holmes wrote that windows were also reported broken at Janney and Associates on West Broad Street.
In yet another case, Officer Holmes responded to CT Cycles on December 19th in regard to a vandalism. The owner advised him that there were two holes in his front window that were not there the night before. After reviewing surveillance video from the business next door from overnight, a white Nissan Altima could be seen stopping in front of CT Cycles for about five minutes at 1:01 a.m. before it drove away.
If you have information that could help solve the crimes, contact the Smithville Police Department.

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