New Laws to Take Effect January 1

Several new laws will take effect in Tennessee on January 1.
*The cost of a lifetime handgun carry permit will drop from $500 to $300. The price of a lifetime permit under the new law is fixed at $200 more than the cost of a regular permit. Under another change, active duty military or honorably discharged veterans will be able to acquire handgun permits at age 18, rather than 21.
*People convicted for vehicular homicide where alcohol or drugs were involved will be ineligible for parole starting January 1. Robbing a pharmacy for the purpose of obtaining a controlled substance will be considered an enhancement factor for sentencing, as well.
*Tennessee students will be required to pass a United States civics test before graduating high school.
*Those convicted of driving on a suspended license could get to keep their licenses. The current law requires the courts to suspend those licenses but next year it’ll be up to a judge.
The new law states, “As enacted, deletes requirement that a person’s
driver license be suspended for an additional like period if convicted
of driving on a suspended or revoked license; allows a court to order
issuance of a restricted driver license contingent on the person participating in a payment plan for any unpaid fines.”
*Beer and cider brewers in Tennessee may begin making brew with a stronger alcohol content. Currently the limit is 6.2%, but the new law raises it to 10.1%.
Currently, a person can purchase high-gravity beer, which is beer with a higher alcohol content, but it has to be made out of state. Proponents said the main benefit of this new law is that people will have a local high-gravity option, instead of being forced to spend money out of state

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