Neighorhood Watch Group Partners with Sheriff’s Department

A neighborhood watch group is partnering with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department to combat crime in the Seven Springs Community.
The group has been reporting suspicious activity in the area including at the bridge on New Bildad Road, where drug paraphernalia has been found, apparently left behind by trespassers who have been using that location to engage in drug activity.
Sheriff Patrick Ray said arrests have already been made in that area and boulders have been placed there to keep others out. “This is at the bridge on New Bildad Road. We’ve been having a lot of people come and park under the bridge. This past year, we joined forces with the neighborhood watch program at Seven Springs and contacted Road Supervisor Butch Agee who brought a couple loads of big rocks down there and put them in the drive that leads under the bridge to stop people from coming down there. In the past we have found people there with meth labs and drugs. We’ve also found drug paraphernalia laying on the ground there and old meth labs laid out in the weeds so we joined in a partnership with them. The landowners have posted that property down there where nobody has permission to be down there unless they ask the landowners first and no one is to be there after dark. Anybody we catch down there, we’ll cite them for criminal trespassing,” said Sheriff Ray.

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