McCormick Hires Support Staff For New School Year

Director of Schools Jim McCormick has employed the DeKalb County Support Staff for the 2006-2007 school year.
He presented the list of employees to the Board of Education Thursday night.
Those employed at DeKalb County High School are:
Rachel Bandy-Cook, Cathy Beltz- Educational Assistant, Kathy Chapman-Cook, Billy Colwell-Custodian, Linda Cyphers- Vocational Rehabilitation Secretary, Debbie Eaton- Educational Assistant, Regina Estes- Secretary, Beverly Ferrell- Educational Assistant, Billy Golden- Custodian, Faye Hendrix- Vocational Secretary, Jerry Herman- Custodian, Rita Johnson-Cook, Rita Leichtfuss-Educational Assistant, Debra Magness- Bookkeeper, Melissa McKay- Educational Assistant, Rhonda Merriman-Educational Assistant, Tina Myers- Educational Assistant, Brandy Pack- Educational Assistant, April Patterson- Guidance/Records Clerk, JoAnn Pittman- Custodian, Jo Dean Redmon- Cook, Rob Robinson- Educational Assistant, Linda Sorrell- Educational Assistant, Suzanne Williams- Part Time Cafeteria worker and Debbie Young-Cook.
DeKalb Middle School:
Rita Beshearse- Part Time Library Assistant/Part Time Cafeteria Monitor, Helen Burt- Part Time Cafeteria worker, Helen Cantrell-Cook, Reba Cantrell- Cook, Fay Gilreath- School Bookkeeper, Johnna Goff- Educational Assistant, Connie Haggard- Cook, Truitt Hale- Custodian, Murianna Herman- Custodian, Barbara Hibdon- Cook, Kristy Lasser- Educational Assistant, Samantha Lester- School Secretary, Reba Malone- Custodian, Paulette McDonald- Educational Assistant, Deandrea Miller- Educational Assistant,Lisa Norton- Educational Assistant, and Eldon Vanatta- Cafeteria Manager.
Smithville Elementary School:
Austin Bain-Custodian, Jimmy Barnes- Custodian, Pauline Braswell- Educational Assistant, Cindy Childers- Educational Assistant, Brenda Crook-Educational Assistant, Cathy Driver- Educational Assistant, Barbara Ervin- Cafeteria Manager, Betty Griffith- Educational Assistant, Jean Hayes- Cook, Vickie Jeffries- Educational Assistant, Angela Johnson- Educational Assistant, Natasha Judkins- Educational Assistant, Melinda Lattimore- Educational Assistant, Sara Lomas-Custodian, Patricia Milam- Part Time Cafeteria Monitor/Substitute Custodian, Tina Miller- Educational Assistant, Dori Mooneyham- Educational Assistant, Lisa Pack- Educational Assistant, Freeda Pedigo- Cook, Rhonda Pelham- Secretary/Receptionist, Lori Poss- School Bookkeeper, Julie Pugh- Educational Assistant, Phyllis Reed- Educational Assistant, Brenda Rigney- Part Time Educational Assistant, Debra Rowland- Educational Assistant, Thomas Trammell-Part Time Custodian, Tammy Tyler- Cook, Annie Walker- Educational Assistant, Celia Whaley- Educational Assistant, Judy Wilson-Cook, and Rita Young-Educational Assistant.
Northside Elementary:
Faye Adkins-Custodian, Vickey Atnip- Educational Assistant, Charles Ayers- Custodian, Tracy Baker- Educational Assistant, Suzanne Bradford- Educational Assistant, Janice Bratcher- Cook, Nancy Burger- Cook, Gail Crips- Secretary, Ervil Cubbins- Educational Assistant, Regina Daw- Cafeteria Manager, Rebecca Ervin- Cook, Starr Ferrell-Educational Assistant, June Gilbert- Cook, Phyllis Hallum- Educational Assistant, Dena Haugh- Educational Assistant, Thelma Martin- Educational Assistant, Angie Moore-Educational Assistant, Deanna Page- Cafeteria Monitor/Part Time Cafeteria Worker, Diane Trapp- School Bookkeeper, Kim Violet- Custodian, and Jean Young- Educational Assistant.
DeKalb West School:
Holly Bain-Educational Assistant, Betty Boss- Educational Assistant, Brenda Beth Cantrell-Educational Assistant, Donna Crook- Cook, Dorothy Duggin-Custodian, Tena Edward- Educational Assistant, Pauline Frazier- Custodian, Mattie Frazier-Custodian, Lisa Hale- Educational Assistant, Donna Hale- School Bookkeeper, Donna Hendrix- Cook, Shelby Jennings- Educational Assistant , Melinda Miller- Part Time Cafeteria worker, Faye Nixon-Cook, Roenia Turner- Half Time Library Assistant and Lunch Room Monitor, Jalene Vanatta- Educational Assistant, Jamie Vickers- Secretary, Jeanette West-Cook, and Georgia Young-Cafeteria Manager.
County Wide Positions:
Chandra Adcock- School Nurse, Rena Adcock- Substitute Cafeteria Worker, Jennifer Agee- Educational Assistant, Gabina Alfaro- English Second Language Assistant, Cynthia Armour- Substitute Cafeteria worker, Jenean Bain- Bus Assistant, Dwayne Carlton- Part Time Grounds, James Carroll- Substitute Custodian, Betty Cooper-Substitute Cafeteria worker, Bettye June Dodd- Bus Assistant, Sharon Farler- School Nurse, Greg Frasier-Computer Technician, Melissa Fuson- Substitute School Nurse, Theresa Garrison-Part Time Occupational Therapist, Billy Golden- Maintenance worker, Rhonda Harpole- Library Assistant/Half Time at Smithville Elementary School and Half Time at Northside Elementary School, Terry Hicks- Maintenance worker, Earl Jared-Maintenance Supervisor, Freda Johnson- Substitute Bus Assistant, Mary Joines-Bus Assistant, Eddy Roy Judkins- Maintenance Worker, Helen LaFever- Substitute Cafeteria worker, Edith Lasser- Physical Therapist Assistant, Angela Lawson- Substitute Bus Assistant, Francis Mahler- Substitute Cafeteria worker, Tammy Maynard- Substitute Cafeteria worker, Teresa Miller- Secretary/Bookkeeper Central Office, Jenny Montgomery- Substitute Cafeteria worker, Tera Mooneyham- English Second Language Assistant- Brad Mullinax- Technology Director, Jean Neal- Bus Assistant, Shirley Ours- Special Education Secretary, Melissa Pirtle- Food Service Bookkeeper, Jo Dean Redmon- Part Time Custodian, Brian Reed- Alternative School Assistant, Jennifer Roller- Substitute Cook, Oneita Storey- School Attendance Secretary, Jewell Tate-Part Time Custodian, Ricky Todd- Substitute Custodian, Kimberly Turner-School Nurse, Cindy Twilla- Bookkeeper/Payroll Central Office, Barbara Vanatta and Margaret Vanatta- Substitute Cafeteria Workers, and Elizabeth Westveer- Deaf Interpreter.
Shane Cook- Transportation Supervisor, James Wilkerson- Mechanic, and Peggy Pursell- Part Time Secretary.
The following are bus drivers: Harold Ashford, Karen Adkins, Dwayne Cantrell, Dinah Cripps, Elaine Davis, Debbie Eaton, Julie Fayette, Marshall Ferrell, Starr Ferrell, Julie Fitts, Linda Fowler, Bill Fowler, Lynn Griffith, Judith Hale, Melissa Hicks, Kimberly Lawson, Jerry Lawson, Bobby Martin, Ronald Merriman, Jimmy Mullican, Jack Patterson, Walter Phillips, Faye Pollard, Jimmy Poss, Tony Poss, Peggy Pursell, J.T. Pursell, Juanita Salazar, Vickie Simpson, Bobby Taylor, Mark Violet, Suzanne Williams, and Melvin Young.
Substitute bus drivers are: Danny Bond, Shawna Harper, Ricky Hendrix, Daniel Lawson, Angela Lawson, Christina Tacy, Annette Vanatta, and Jamie Vickers.
Meanwhile, in his monthly personnel report to the school board Thursday night, Director McCormick has employed the following people for the 2005-2006 school year as substitute teachers: Lorrie Evans, Misty Franklin, Leanne Frasier, Franque Lawrence, Lori Manns, Cody Martin, Adrienne McCormick, Billy Neal, Sandra Phillips, Jeania Poss, Elizabeth Redmon and Thomas Stufano.
Jennifer Griffith, a teacher at Northside Elementary School, has been granted a leave of absence as requested.
The following have either retired or resigned:
Leah Magness, teacher at Northside Elementary School, resigned; Jason Stanton, teacher at DeKalb County High School, resigned; Johnny Williams, custodian at DeKalb County High School, resigned; Bonnie Rigsby, educational assistant at DeKalb Middle School, resigned; and Carolyn Mullinax, teacher at DeKalb West School, retiring at the end of the school year.
Special Education Summer School Personnel:
Jane Parsley, Tonya Perry, Betty Parris, and Louise Owen as teachers; and Dori Mooneyham, Tina Miller, Tracey Baker, Melissa McKay, Cathy Beltz, and Linda Sorrell as educational assistants.

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