Man Charged with Aggravated Assault for Stabbing his Brother

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department has charged a 34 year old Smithville man with aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed his brother three times with a knife
Sheriff Patrick Ray said 34 year old Heladio Nunez Gutierrez of Campbell Road is under a $10,000 bond and his court date is February 3rd.
Gutierrez was arrested Friday, December 17th at a residence on Blue Springs Road, accused of assaulting his brother Ricardo Gutierrez by stabbing him in the side with a knife. After the first attack the victim began running, trying to get away, but Gutierrez chased after him and stabbed him twice again. Ricardo Gutierrez was taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were apparently not life threatening. Gutierrez, the assailant, admitted to the assault.
Meanwhile, in another case, Sheriff Ray said a man, scheduled to serve a weekend sentence for driving under the influence, showed up at the jail drunk on Sunday and was charged with public intoxication.
Sheriff Ray said 32 year old Phillip Edward Miranda of Four Seasons Road, Smithville is under a $1,000 bond and he will be in court on December 22nd.
According to Sheriff Ray, Miranda came into the jail to serve a sentence for driving under the influence. Upon his arrival, the correctional officers saw Miranda throw an empty beer bottle in a garbage can outside of the jail. Miranda admitted to the correctional officer that he was drunk. He had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person.
41 year old John Michael Turner of Short Mountain Highway, Smithville is charged with public intoxication and possession of a prohibited weapon.
According to Sheriff Ray, Central dispatch received an anonymous call on December 16th requesting an officer on Short Mountain Road. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with Turner who was very irate and he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. Turner was punching his truck with his fist and he made verbal threats against another officer, who was not present during this incident. Turner was apparently upset that the officer he named had arrested a family member in a previous case and might be the officer who would arrest him. Turner was charged with public intoxication.
During the arrest, Turner placed his hands in his pockets. According to the arrest warrant, “When the officer asked him to remove his hands (from the pockets), Turner threw a knife onto the ground and the officer saw a silver object in his other pocket. Turner turned away from the officer and grabbed for it. The officer took the object from him and found it to be an expandable baton.”
Turner is under a $2,500 bond and he will be in court on January 20th
29 year old Chris Michael Pack of Cookeville is charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property over $10,000. Pack was arrested on Monday, December 19th and he will be in court on December 22nd.
Sheriff Ray said on December 8th, Pack entered a residence on Antioch Road by kicking the back door open. He then allegedly took two jewelry boxes containing a gold waterfall ring, a four leaf clover diamond pin, a gold necklace with a red, white, and blue charm, along with several other pieces of jewelry valued at more than $10,000.

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