Man Allegedly Caught Stealing Scrap Metal

An 18 year old Murfreesboro man is charged with theft of property under $500 for trying to steal scrap metal from a property owner on Antioch Road.
Sheriff Patrick Ray said Justin Keith Manley is under a $1,500 bond and he will be in court on February 6.
According to Sheriff Ray, a deputy was called to Antioch Road on Wednesday, December 18 to a possible theft in progress. When the officer arrived, he saw two men and a woman loading a large pile of scrap metal onto a trailer. One of the men took off running through the woods when he saw the officer. The other man, Manley, and the woman stayed and spoke with the officer. The woman said that their landlord had given them permission to gather up the scrap metal. But a further investigation revealed that all the metal had actually been taken from the adjoining property of a neighbor. The officer found that a fence between the two properties had been cut.
Manley was placed under arrest for the crime. He was also issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia after the officer found a marijuana pipe in Manley’s pocket.
20 year old Killian Blake Ellis of New Hope Road, Alexandria and 36 year old Martha Cheyenne Silcox of Hartsville Pike, Carthage were arrested on December 23 after a joint investigation by the Alexandria Police Department and Sheriff’s Department detectives into the vandalism and theft from drink machines at Prichard’s Foods on Brush Creek Highway.
Sheriff Ray said that on December 23, Ellis did vandalize a drink machine by using a pry bar to the door of the machine causing damage to the front and to the side of the machine. The damage cost over $1,000. Ellis was arrested and brought to the jail for booking.
Meanwhile through an investigation, a detective learned that Silcox was the driver of a vehicle who dropped off and picked up Ellis. She was arrested and brought to the jail for booking.
Sheriff Ray said more arrests are expected in the case.
Bond for Ellis and Silcox is $5,000 each and they will be in court on January 16.
A woman arrested recently on a failure to appear warrant is now facing more charges after she tried to conceal drugs and paraphernalia when brought to the jail.
26 year old Lydia Renee Judkins of Jefferson Road, Smithville is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs in a penal institution. Her bond is $6,500 and she will be in court on January 9.
Sheriff Ray said that it is customary that when prisoners are brought to the jail, they are searched before being locked up. In this case officers asked Judkins if she had any contraband on her. She did not answer. As officers began to search her, Judkins produced two empty syringes, a small container of marijuana, and a bag of marijuana and three more empty syringes. She had tried to conceal these items in her body cavity.
43 year old John Thomas Bailey of Short Mountain Highway, Smithville is charged with assault and resisting arrest. His bond is $5,000 and he will be in court on January 23. Sheriff Ray said that on Monday, December 30, the sheriff’s department was summoned to Bailey’s home in answer to a domestic call. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Bailey. But during the conversation, Bailey became very irate with the officers. He approached the deputies and then pushed them. When placed under arrest for assault, Bailey refused to be handcuffed and had to be taken to the floor. While on the floor, he continued to struggle with the officers to keep them from handcuffing him. Bailey was subsequently handcuffed, placed under arrest for assault, and brought to the jail for booking.
53 year old Timothy Donald Bates of Williams Road, Alexandria is charged with a fourth offense of driving under the influence, and a sixth offense of driving while revoked. His bond is $17,500 and he will be in court January 16.
Sheriff Ray said that on December 21, a deputy was dispatched to Highway 70 in Liberty in response to reports of a reckless driver. The officer noticed a gold van traveling in the wrong lane and on the wrong side of the road. After stopping the vehicle, the officer made contact with the driver, Bates. His speech was slurred and he had a smell of alcohol on his person. He performed poorly on all field sobriety tasks. Bates was arrested and brought to the jail for booking. A computer check revealed his license were revoked for a DUI. He was further issued a citation for failure to maintain his lane of travel.

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