“Love Lights a Tree” Seeks Support

The DeKalb County Unit of the American Cancer Society seeks your support in the “Love Lights a Tree fundraising campaign.” This annual event gives area residents the opportunity to honor a special person during the holiday season and aid in cancer research.
The “Love Lights a Tree” project is designed to raise money not only for research, but includes cancer education and patient services. Donations in honor of and in memory of a special person can be made throughout the holiday season. The persons you honor or remember do not necessarily have to have suffered from cancer.
The names of honorees are as follows:
Allison Rogers, Betsy Lynam, Bruce Robertson, Carnell Hyde, Carolyn Sheets, Denise Brown, Earl D. France, Jack Midgett, Jo Doris Johnson, Joe Reeder, Judy Maxwell, Judy Robertson, Linda Judkins, Lisa Anderson, Mandy Vaughn, McKinley Jones, Michael Breeding, Peggy Johnson, Radley Hendrixson, Sarah Ellen Colwell, Shirley Beckham, Trinity Faith Young, Walter Johnson, Wesley Cantrell, William Blair, Willie Turner, Helen England, Brookelynn Maxwell, and Georgia Willoughby.
In memory:
Alfred Love, Alice Marie Dorton, Alma Love Chapman, Angel Mahler, Angela Allen, Austin Vaughn, Bailey Carr, Billie Ann Malone Frazier, Billie Jo Davis, Billy Cooper Pruitt, Jr., Billy J. France, Bobby Carroll Pruitt, Bracket Luna, Brenda Hale, Bruce Smithson, Bud Kirby, Buddy Parker, C.T. Phillips, Jr., C.L. Randolph, Carl L. Cathcart, Carl Ray Bailiff, Carolyn Maynard, Charles Johnson, Chris Stanley, Clifton Cantrell, Clinton Wall, Clyde Redmon, Cordell Love,
Cordie B. Wall, Curtis Adams, Dale Brian Berry, Dannie Edge, Darrell Carr, Dollie Fuson, Donna Phillips, Dr. Jerry Puckett, Edsel Fuston, Alfred England, Elsie Steinbach, Emily Cripps, Esker Harrison, Ethel Carr, Eula Cantrell, Eva Crook, Eva Harrison, Eva Mai Curtis, Ewin Vanatta, Florence Redmon Sanders, Floyce Vaughn, Foster Redmon, Frances Cantrell, Frances Scramick, Frank Potter Young, Fred Steinbach, G.D. Hendrixson, Gail Cripps, George Durham,
Grady Crook, Grady Judkins, Green Wall, Maude Wall, H.C. Duke, Hamp Cantrell, Jr., Harvey Colwell, Sr., Helen Jones Mayo, Herb Checchi, Sr., Hershel Ford, Hobert Curtis, Homer Ellis, Howard Patton, J.B. Redmon, J.D. Hendrixson, Jack G. Rhody, Jack Wall, James Alvie France, James Oakley, Jeremy Caldwell, Jerry Hendrixson, Jerry McGuire, Jessie Paul Johnson, Jewell Cantrell, Jewell Phillips, Jim S. Davis, Jimmy W. Davis, Jodie Cantrell, John Larry Frazier, John Redmon, John Steinbach, John Walls, Johnnie Joines, Johnny Cantrell, Jordan Steinbach, Joshua Caldwell, Judy Hawkins,
Karen Magness, Kathy Foster, Kenneth Parker, Laura Bell Wall, Len Judkins, Leonard Freeman, Sr., Leonard M. (Buddy) Freeman, Jr., Lewis L. Cobb, Jr., Lillie Judkins, Linnie Johnson, Lonnie Wilkins, Louise Winchester, Luther Cantrell, Luther Fuson, Mac A. Ervin, Margaret Freeman, Margaret Judkins, Marie Judkins, Marvin Hutson, Mary Collins, Nadine Luna, Nan Smith, Nancy Walls, Ofallon Pinegar, Paul Walls,
Pearl Fuson, Rebecca Cantrell, Rebecca Gingerich, Regena Carr Olivo, Rex Hayes, Jr., Ricky Winchester, Robert Joines, Robert McMillen, Royce L. Givens, Jr., Ruth Elder, Sara Robertson, Sarah Henderson, Sarah Hutson, Shane Hawkins, Sherman Love, Skip Henderson, T.C. McMillen, Ted Beck, Tracy Cassity, Vanice King Davenport, Velma Midgett, Vera Bell Davenport, Virgil Smith, William Doyle Thomason, William H. Chapman, Willie Redmon, Willie Taylor, Woodrow Frazier, Zak Turner,
Nina Phillips, Vada Reeder, Clarence T. Phillips, Sr., Edna Pauline Phillips, George Robert Reeder, Bertie Reeder, B. Akin, Mai Akin, John D. Akin, Bob Cook, Buddy Cook, Jessie Cook, Pam Cook. Brownie Haley, Frances Haley, Lucille Harris, Billy Shelton, H.R. Rosson, Edward Hobson, Earl Judkins, Mary Randolph, Leonard Gwyn, Jr., Luther Taylor, Margaret Hendrixson, Martha Cathcart, W.A. Carthcart, Clara Elizabeth Linder, and Sandra Willoughby.
Love lights are $5.00 each. Forms will be available at most banks in DeKalb County. The name of every person honored or remembered will be placed on a display board located on the south lawn of the courthouse through the holiday season.
For more information contact Iva Dell Randolph at 597-5296, Violet Fuson at 597-4483 or Melanie Judkins at 597-1132.

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