“Love Lights a Tree” for the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society invites you to make a special donation in honor or in memory of a loved one during the holiday season through “Love Lights a Tree”. A special memory board has been erected on the south side of the courthouse that lists the names of loved ones.
The names of Honorees are as follows:
Cecil Adkins, Lisa Anderson, Ann Barnes, Jean Cook, Ralph Curtis, Bill Ertel, Earl D. France, Cathy Fuson Frazier, Ed Gass, Radley Hendrixson, Eddie Hobson, Chizuko Howard, Bobbie Joines, Linda Judkins, Betty Malone, Katrena Moore, Janette Moss, Ernest Ray, Carolyn Sheets, Margie Smith, Johnna Sprague, Lavelle Turner, Polly Turner, Sandra Wall, Georgia Willoughby, L.V. Young, and Susan Young.
Those in memory are as follows:
Harold M. Adcock, John D. Akin, Mai Akin, Angela Allen,
Dortha Barnes, Margie Barrett, Rebecca Beason, Bobbie T. Betty, Wayne Blair, Alan Bradford, Comer Bratcher, Larry Bratten,
Jeremy Caldwell, Joshua Caldwell, Clifton Cantrell, Frances Cantrell, Johnny Cantrell, Jodie Cantrell, Dianna Fuson Carter, Ronnie Carter, Martha Cathcart, Will Allen Cathcart, Mary Sue Chapman, Mary Collins, Arlo Cook, Bob Cook, Bratten Cook, Sr., James H. (Buddy) Cook, Jo Bill Cook, Jo Lynn Cook, Pam Baker Cook, Rubye Cook, Steve Cook, Eva Crook, Grady Crook, Jimmy (Cowboy) Curtis,
Earl Driver, Eddie Driver, Ravanell Driver, Tony Durso,
Barbara Easterwood, Ruth Elder, Homer L. Ellis, Roberta Ellis, Jerry Lee Estes, Nathan Estes,
Geraldine Fish, Byron Foutch, Willie Foutch, Billy J. France, James Alvie France, Billie Ann Frazier, Jim & Audrey Frazier, Joe Ronald Frazier, John Larry Frazier, Ronald Frazier, Ronnie Frazier, Woodrow Frazier, Leonard “Buddy” Freeman, Leonard Freeman, Sr., Margaret Freeman,
Royce L. Givens, Jr., James Goodwin, Brent Gregory, John Paul Grubb,
Brownie Haley, Sharon M. Harper, Lucille Cook Harris, Esker Harrison, Eva Harrison, Helen Hayes, Betty Herndon, Charles Wayne Herndon, Mallow Herndon, Vada Pauline Herndon, Edward Hobson, Billie Ruth Hooper, Harry Hooper, Lois Horn, Elby Howard, Kenneth Howard, Joe Huffman, Marvin Hutson, Sarah Hutson,
Johnnie Joines, Robert Joines, McKinley Jones, Earl Judkins, Len Judkins, Lillie & Grady Judkins, Marie Judkins,
Paulette Fuson Keith, Don B. Kilgore, Jennifer Renea Kincaid,
Claudette Frazier Lasser, Olene Lockhart, Brackett Luna, Nadine Luna,
Patsy Kilgore Majors, Billy Malone, Ida Malone, Linda Malone, Lou Autry Malone, Charles (Chuck) McCracken, T.C. McMillen, Amy Lynn Miller, Jeff Miller, Maude Lockhart Moody, Roy Murphy, Sr.,
Leonard Nixon, Lorene Nixon, Jo Ann Newbell, John Newbell,
J.C. Oakley,
J.W. Pack, Clarence, Jr. & Jewell Phillips, Donna Phillips, Bobby Pruitt, Dr. Jerry Puckett, Helen Putty,
Evelyn Ramsey, Clyde Randolph, David Randolph, Mary Alice Randolph, Author Redmon, Billy Rhody, Kenny Rhody, Edward Robinson, Lucille Robinson, H.R. Rosson,
Kevin Sanders, Larry Scurlock, Donald Smith, Nan Smith, Virgil Smith, Norman Sprague, Chris Stanley, Claude Stanley, Howard Stanley, Jordan Steinbach,
Shelby Tittsworth, Elizabeth Tramel, Dib Tubb, Gertie Tubb,
Betty Vaughn, Betty Nixon Vickers,
Green Wall, Maud Wall, Eveleen Walls, Jvan Walls, Sandy Wheeler, Bethel Steven (Steve) White, Sandra Willoughby, Louise Winchester, Ricky Winchester, Anthony Wright,
Amerce Young, Billy S. Young, Gary Ralph Young, John Cephas Young, Marie Young, and Stella Thweatt Young.
The names are in “honor of” and in “memory of” for a donation of five-dollars per name. Forms may be obtained at the local banks. For more information, contact Barbara Ashford at 417-6563, Ivadell Randolph at 597-5296, Lynda Luna at 597-5837, Renee Cantrell at 597-4551, Melanie Judkins at 597-1132, or Patsy Judkins at 597-4213.

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