Judge Sells Wins Close Election District-Wide

Judge Sells Wins Close Election District-Wide
Criminal Court Judge Lillie Ann Sells, by only a few hundred votes, apparently defeated Edwin Sadler district-wide in Tuesday’s primary election
Counties in the 13th Judicial District include DeKalb, Putnam, Overton, White, Pickett, Cumberland and Clay.
Unofficial vote totals in those counties showed Sells the winner of the primary with 10,737 votes and Sadler with 10,221 votes.
Sells defeated Sadler in DeKalb County, 1,412 to 1071. In Overton County, Sells had 2,317 votes, and Sadler had 1,455 votes. In Cumberland County, Sells got 1,403 votes, and Sadler had 1,030 votes. In White County, Sells had 2,380 votes, and Sadler had 1,593 votes. In Pickett County, 52 voted for Sells, and 36 voted for Sadler
Sadler carried Putnam County with 5,036 votes, to Sells’ 3,173 votes.
Reportedly, the Clay County Election Commission did not have a primary election
Sells will face Independent candidate David Patterson in the August 3rd General Election.

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