Happy New Year from FCE

The Family, Community, and Education Club of Smithville would like to wish the community a Happy New Year and invite women who are interested in home and garden matters, educational and community activities, and arts and crafts to come to our first meeting of the 2015. It has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 15 at 10:00am in the UT Extension meeting room of the County Complex. The program will be provided by a representative of the Chamber of Commerce.
This last year, the club had interesting programs in which to learn about ways to serve our community, such as Habitat for Humanity. We would like to thank Food Lion for providing bags and books which the club stuffed with helpful items for the kindergarten teachers at Smithville Elementary. Other businesses that contributed to the club and deserve a thank you are Caney Fork Electric, Dekalb Telephone, Middle Tennessee Gas, and the Rogers Group; each gave items for our FCE County Rally and visiting guests.
This spring the club will have its annual yard sale to raise monies for the needs of local community organizations. Trips that benefit home and garden interests are also planned.
The new year will again feature fun and fellowship along with learning about our community.

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