DTC Seeks Amendment to Current Law Affecting Local Cooperative

DTC Communications has asked for a bill to be introduced at the Tennessee General Assembly to amend a current law that only affects DTC Communications.
Under legislation requested by DTC and being offered by State Representative Mark Pody, a provision of state law relative only to DTC Communications would be amended by deleting the requirement that all contested elections of DTC Board of Directors be conducted by a State Election commission and held on voting machines. The current requirement has been in effect since 1986 and affects no other cooperative in the State of Tennessee.
When asked by WJLE, Keith Blair, attorney for DTC Communications, stated that the increased difficulty in contracting with an election commission to conduct the election, the increased cost to the cooperative, and that only DTC is affected by this law were all factors that went into the decision to seek an amendment. Blair also stated that all future elections would still be held on voting machines and that paper ballots would not be used in the election process.
DTC Communications holds its director elections during the annual membership meeting in September. Terms of the ten member board are staggered with the election of three directors in one year, three others the next year, and four members the following year.

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