DeKalb School System Names Teachers of the Year

The DeKalb County School System has announced its “Teachers of the Year” at the building level of the five schools in the county.
This year’s honoree are Leah Magness at Smithville Elementary School; Alisha Day at Northside Elementary School; Cynthia Pulley at DeKalb West School; Lesa Hayes at DeKalb Middle School; and Amanda Fuller at DeKalb County High School.
Magness is a first grade teacher in all subjects. She is in her 9th year as a teacher.
Day teaches reading, language arts, and social studies in the fifth grade. She is in her 14th year.
Pulley is in her 8th year. She teaches all subjects in the fourth grade.
Hayes is a seventh grade math teacher and is in her 17th year.
Fuller is an eleventh grade chemistry and biology teacher. This is her 20th year in the classroom.
Lisa Cripps, Supervisor of Instruction for 7th through 12th grades said “Again this year, we’re going to participate in the Teacher of the Year program, which begins on the school level, moves to the system level, the regional level, and finally to the state level,” she said.
Competition for system-wide Teacher of the Year continues through February, and will be announced at the Teacher of the Year Banquet in the spring. There will be three teachers chosen by a committee to compete at the regional level in March, and if selected they will represent DeKalb County at the state level competition.
The Tennessee Teacher of the Year Program is designed to promote recognition, respect and appreciation for teachers; to stimulate interest in teaching as a career; and to encourage public involvement in education.
The Tennessee Teacher of the Year represents Tennessee at the National Teacher of the Year competition.
Teachers of the Year are selected competitively through five cycles: Building, System, Field Service Core Center Region, Grand Division and State; and from three categories (levels of teaching); Grades Pre K-4, 5-8, 9-12.
Teachers selected at each cycle receive local recognition and awards underwritten by local sources. State recognition/awards include a banquet honoring the nine State Teacher of the Year finalists and certificates of appreciation from the Governor. In addition, the State Finalists and the State Teacher of the Year receive cash awards.

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