DeKalb Jaycees Dedicate Town Clock

Members of the DeKalb Jaycees, city government leaders, and others joined in a brief dedication ceremony at noon Wednesday for a new Town Clock located on the ground of the Smithville City Hall building.
In his remarks during the ceremony, Bert Driver of the DeKalb Jaycees and a former city alderman, said the new clock is part of the downtown beautification effort. ” In 1998, the Smithville City Council initiated a beautification project around the town square ? the trees that you see planted have begun to mature and provide a softer landscape that accentuates the charm of our town. The continuing desire of both the citizens of Smithville and the city Council has resulted in the on-going sidewalk improvements throughout different areas of the city”.
“As we continue to see more and more people moving into our community, both the towns people and the city government will have to embrace new ideas and react to a more progressive and competitive community. The city of Smithville has as much potential as any other small town in Middle Tennessee and with a concerted effort between citizens, government and the business community, Smithville can retain its charm and sense of value by preserving its traditions and embracing its future. This progressive heritage should be the cornerstone of the next generation of leadership”.
“And as for today, we gather to add one more improvement to our great city ? the Town Clock. The Town Clock before you has been a long time coming- and a great many people have put their effort into this project, particularly the DeKalb Jaycees who have not only supported this project financially; they have also given a great deal of sweat equity into making sure that this plan was completed”.
“It gives us great pride in dedicating the clock today as a symbol of spirit and pride”.
Driver also offered the following poem by an unknown author:
“This Thing Called Time –
Time can be an enemy, yet sometimes be a friend,
There is a time that we all grow, and then a time we mend,
Time that seems to make us late, can sometimes make us cry,
There is a time we call our life, and then the time we die.
Time is used to measure days, we spend here on this Earth,
It helps divide the times in life, and re-calls all from birth,
It is a constant from this world, and then it fades away,
Taking all within its grasp, and making a new day.
Time it seems can measure space, and all ones distant travels,
It rushes us throughout our lives, and then delays arrival,
There’s always time for disappointment, and appointed time,
But time that’s somehow wasted, seems such an awful crime.
Time can not be bottled, nor packaged in a bag,
But when it’s managed wisely, time seems not to lag,
This timely realization, sometimes is not remembered,
Events that seem so timely, though cherished may be squandered.
And now you have, your space in time, for all that it is worth,
To you it seems, a grand old time, your life upon the Earth,
But you will see, that time flys by, and empties your lifes cup,
So make it count, this thing called time, before it’s all used up.

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