Convicted Felon Found with Weapon and Marijuana

A convicted felon was arrested last week after being found with a weapon during a traffic stop and a small bag of marijuana while being booked into the jail.
24 year old Natalie Gail Barrett of Miller Road, Smithville is charged with illegal carrying or possession of a weapon and bringing contraband into a penal institution. She was further issued a citation for driving on roadways laned for travel. Her bond is $10,000 and her court date is February 16.
Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on Thursday, January 26 a deputy spotted a vehicle traveling in the middle of Snow Hill Road. After making a traffic stop, the officer was given consent to search the automobile by the driver, Barrett. A 22 caliber revolver was found wrapped up inside a bag on the back seat. Barrett, who has a felony criminal record for a 2012 schedule I drug offense, admitted that the bag belonged to her. She was placed under arrest and brought to the jail. While in the booking area a correctional officer asked Barrett if she had anything on her person. Barrett replied “yes” and then produced a small bag containing a green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana, from the front of her pants.
22 year old Dustin Allen Sullivan of Jackson Street, Smithville is charged with failure to appear, possession of methamphetamine, and resisting arrest. His bond totals $10,000 on two of the charges but he is being held without bond for the failure to appear. His court date on the FTA is February 24 and February 16 on the other offenses.
Sheriff Ray said that on Friday, January 27 a detective and deputy conducted a traffic stop on Cecil Hale Road in Smithville. Sullivan was a passenger of the vehicle. He had active warrants against him. Sullivan was asked several times by the detective to step outside the vehicle but he refused. Sullivan was forcibly removed from the automobile as he continued to resist. Sullivan was then handcuffed and transported to the jail for booking. While making the arrest, the officers found a small baggie which contained a crystal like substance, believed to be methamphetamine. It weighed 0.08 grams and it field tested positive for meth.
52 year old Ricky L. Shehane of Wade Street, Smithville is charged with filing a false report and resist, stop, frisk, halt, arrest, or search. His bond is $3,000 and his court date is February 9.
Sheriff Ray said that on Monday, January 23 officers went to 309 Wade Street to serve arrest warrants on 31 year old Clint Shehane for two offenses of failure to appear. Upon arrival, the deputies saw Clint Shehane moving about inside the home while knocking on the door. After making entry, the officers spoke to Ricky Shehane and asked for Clint. Ricky replied that he did not know Clint’s whereabouts and asked why the officers were in his home. The deputies answered that they were there to arrest Clint. Ricky asked if they had a search warrant. The officers responded that they had a warrant for Clint’s arrest. Ricky again denied knowing Clint’s whereabouts. Clint was subsequently found in Ricky’s bedroom closet that Ricky had earlier been spotted coming from. While the deputies were placing Ricky under arrest for giving false information, he refused to comply with their commands to put his hands behind his back. The officers were able to get Ricky’s right hand cuffed from the front though Ricky continued to resist by trying to pull away from the deputies.
Meanwhile Clint’s bond totals $4,000 and he will be in court on the two failure to appear warrants February 9 and April 6.
33 year old Ryan Lee Walden of Dale Ridge Road, Dowelltown is cited for simple possession of a schedule IV drug (Alprazolam) and a schedule II controlled substance (methamphetamine). His court date is February 16.
Sheriff Ray said that on Friday, January 27 a deputy pulled over a vehicle on Bryant Street in Smithville. Walden was in the automobile. After receiving consent to search, the officer found inside the vehicle a small container with 0.05 grams of a white substance believed to be methamphetamine and two blue pills thought to be Alprazolam.

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