“Collateral Circulation” makes it’s debut by Dr. Barbara Ebel

From the credible medical fiction DeKalb County writer, Dr. Barbara Ebel, the third Dr. Danny Tilson novel – Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery – makes its debut!
Tennessee neurosurgeon, Danny Tilson, is again mixed up in a baffling mystery that may be too good to be true, especially since it involves the enhanced development of the human brain. Wouldn’t exceptional IQs, coordination, eyesight and a host of other improvements benefit all of humanity? Danny thinks so but why is he skeptical after more and more patients are diagnosed with increased brain vasculature and advanced mental faculties?
“Besides Dr. Tilson’s focused attention on his surprising neurosurgical patients,” Ebel mentions, “his life continues to be plagued by Rachel, the mother of one of his children from an extra-marital affair. This time, she also plays a crucial role in the ongoing medical puzzle. None of the series’ novels are complete without her and this time both Rachel’s and Danny’s character development goes deeper than ever.”
The Midwest Book Review states: “This third addition to the Danny Tilson medical mystery series won’t disappoint either old fans or newcomers who love medical intrigue a la Robin Cook and the best medical writers in the genre. Perhaps that’s because it comes from the seasoned hand of a physician who is steeped in the world of medical description and events and whose professional pen thus effortlessly describes such scenarios.
“Contemporary and wide-ranging in scope, Collateral Circulation provides yet another powerful Danny Tilson medical mystery/thriller; and while it stands firmly alone and requires no prior introduction to its predecessors in order to prove satisfying, it’s safe to say newcomers will want to go back to the other books in the series for further character insights and adventure.”
Doctor Barbara’s Danny Tilson novels can each stand-alone but are best enjoyed by reading them in succession. Book One is Operation Neurosurgeon and Book Two is Silent Fear, a Medical Mystery. It has been by popular demand and rankings that she continues with her vivid characters and sequels. Silent Fear has received a stipend to become an audio book as well.
Barbara Ebel’s series takes place in Tennessee, where she lives in a protected wildlife corridor with her husband and pets. She has also written and illustrated a children’s book series about her therapy dog titled Chester the Chesapeake, another novel – Outcome, a Novel – and a health book, Younger Next Decade.
“Collateral Circulation” can be found as an eBook on Amazon.com, B&N Nook, KOBO and most online retailers. It is also a paperback on Amazon.com and will be available like her other books on Overdrive, etc. for major libraries.
Please visit the author and her books, links, reviews, awards and videos at: http://barbaraebel.weebly.com.

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