Burger Honored During Reception

Many people turned out to honor Smithville Mayor Cecil Burger during a reception Friday at city hall.
City officials also dedicated the new town clock to the mayor.
A plaque, to be placed at the base of the clock on the grounds of city hall, reads “Town Clock, dedicated to the honorable Cecil Burger for his loyal and devoted service to the City of Smithville serving as Secretary/Treasurer for many years and as Smithville City Mayor from July 1, 1990 to June 30, 2006, representing 40 years of committed service to his community. Presented this 23rd day of June, 2006.
Mayor Burger expressed his appreciation to all those who attended the reception and he reflected on his years of service as city employee, mayor, and his future service as alderman. “I appreciate this very much. It makes me believe that I have done something that’s pleasing to the City of Smithville, the citizens, and especially the employees of the City of Smithville. Everything has been nice.”
“I started the 15th of September, 1966 as city judge and city recorder. I stayed judge for two or three years and then stayed as city recorder/secretary”.
“I’ve served under nine mayors and forty six aldermen. Some had more than one term”.
“I’ve tried to do my best to do what I could with whatever I’ve had to do with for everybody for the good of the people of Smithville.”
“I think I’ve done about everything in the city but be a policeman and councilman. I don’t want to be a policeman so I’ll stick to being alderman.”
Mayor Burger, after serving eight terms and sixteen years as mayor, decided not to seek re-election this year. However he did run for and was elected alderman.

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