Angel Tree Project Needs Your Support

Your support is needed to make this year’s Angel Tree Project successful.
Laura Stone says hundreds of angels remain and time is running out. “It’s going extremely slow. We had 767 kids this year, our largest group ever, and when I was calling around to all the banks who have the angels, I was really taken aback at how many were left. I don’t think we even have half of our angels taken yet so we have plenty more to choose from and the deadline for that is Friday, December 5th. We do take money. We will take donations and shop for those people. If you can take an angel that’s the best thing, but if you can’t we’ll be glad to shop but right now we’ve got several hundred angels left. If we don’t get those angels taken, then hopefully, we’ll have enough money raised where we can at least buy them something because we want to make sure that everybody gets something.”
Be sure to pick up an angel at any local bank and return a gift for that child by Friday, December 5th.

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