4-H County-Wide Public Speaking Contest

DeKalb County 4-H recently held the county-wide public speaking contest at the County Complex. Twenty youth from various grades competed to earn a spot at the regional contest and for cash awards. The 4th-6th graders were all winners from their classroom contests held last fall.
In 4th grade, 1st place was awarded to Tess Barton from DeKalb West School, 2nd place to Peyton Norris from Northside Elementary, and 3rd place to Summer Morse from the homeschool 4-H club. Other participants from Northside included Jazmine Wagner, Chloe Lawson, Ian Colwell, Jacob Hendrix, Kathryn Hale, and James Anthony Brown. Riley Fuson from DeKalb West School was also a contestant.
In the 5th grade division, four Northside students participated. First place went to Cooper Brown, 2nd to Sheridan O’Conner, 3rd to Zoe Cripps, and 4th to Leslie Sosa. The 6th grade winner was Evan Morse from the homeshool 4-H club. Jacob Beaty, 2nd place, Kaydence Thompson, 3rd place, and Maeloree Kirby, 4th place, all represented DeKalb Middle School.
Lily Martin, 7th grader at DeKalb West School, and Kayla Belk, 10th grader at DCHS, also competed and will move on to the regional contest along with Tess, Peyton, Cooper, Sheridan, Evan, and Jacob. We know they will represent DeKalb County well!
Public speaking is one of the most important and valuable skills these young people will learn to help them with their future careers. There were a total of around 350 4-H members who gave a speech this year! We are proud of their hard work and courage. For more information about the 4-H program, please contact the UT/TSU Extension Office at 615-597-4945.
Photo Captions:
4th Grade:
Front Row: Tess Barton, Peyton Norris, and Summer Morse. Back Row: Jazmine Wagner, Riley Fuson, Chloe Lawson, Ian Colwell, Jacob Hendrix, Kathryn Hale, and James Anthony Brown.
5th Grade:
Leslie Sosa, Zoe Cripps, Sheridan O’Conner, and Cooper Brown
6th Grade:
Evan Morse, Jacob Beaty, Kaydence Thompson, and Maeloree Kirby
7th and 10 Grade:
Lily Martin and Kayla Belk

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