Land Gets 12 Year Sentence in Liquor Store Burglary

A man convicted of breaking into Center Hill Wine and Spirits and taking two bottles of vodka last year appeared for sentencing in DeKalb County Criminal Court on Monday, December 12.
Judge David Patterson presided.
51 year old Amail John Land received a 12 year sentence as a career offender and must serve at least 60% of the term before parole eligibility.
Land stood trial and was found guilty in DeKalb County Criminal Court Tuesday, September 6.
After deliberating for less than an hour a jury of ten men and two women convicted Land of burglary, vandalism, and theft and imposed a total fine of $3,250.
Following the verdict, Judge Patterson scheduled a sentencing hearing of December 12 for Land and revoked his bond. He has been incarcerated at the DeKalb County jail since the trial.
According to Stephanie Johnson, Assistant District Attorney General, Land has eleven prior felony convictions, including ten for burglary and that is the reason why the state sought the maximum sentence for Land as a career offender.
“The proof the jury heard on September 6, 2016 was that on September 25, 2015 the defendant (Land) threw a rock through the door of Center Hill Wine and Spirits on South Congress Boulevard at around 5:00 a.m. The victim (owner) received notification from his alarm company that morning that his business had been broken into. He immediately responded as did law enforcement. They viewed some surveillance footage from a store security camera. Law enforcement officers recognized the defendant (Land) as being depicted on that footage and attempted to make contact with him. Later that afternoon the defendant (Land) came back in the store and the owner immediately recognized him from the security footage and notified law enforcement that he was back in the store. Law enforcement conducted an interview and the defendant (Land) made the admission to breaking the door and taking two bottles of vodka from the business,” said Assistant D.A. Johnson.
However in her closing remarks to the jury on September 6, Assistant Public Defender Allison West took issue with the police investigation in this case, saying the detectives failed to preserve evidence and produce recordings of interviews with the defendant and that they had not presented sufficient proof to convict Land.
The case was investigated by the Smithville Police Department.
In other cases, 23 year old Jasmin Renae Rowland entered a plea by criminal information to attempted possession of 0.5 grams or more of methamphetamine for resale. She is facing a six year sentence to serve 180 days but she has applied for judicial diversion probation. Rowland has been fined $2,000. She was given jail credit from August 26 to December 12.
On Friday August 26, Smithville Police were called to a residence to investigate a possible physical domestic. Upon arrival, they spoke with 30 year old Michael George Rowland and Jasmin Rowland and asked Michael to step outside. During a safety pat down, an unloaded 38 Smith & Wesson hand gun was found on Michael and he removed four live rounds and one spent round from his pocket and turned them over to the officer.
After receiving consent from Jasmin to search, other officers inside the home noticed a small box wrapped in duct tape lying on the kitchen floor. They pulled back the tape and discovered it was a Marlboro cigarette box. Inside the box was a plastic bag containing approximately 1.6 ounces of a crystal like substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine. Also on the living room floor were two more handguns.
The Rowlands were each charged with Possession of a Schedule II drug with intent to sell. Michael Rowland was also charged with Felony Possession of a Firearm. He is a convicted felon out of Ohio. His case remains pending in court.
46 year old Ricky Evans entered a plea by information to theft over $500 and forgery. He received a two year sentence in each case to run consecutively for a total of four years but all suspended to supervised probation. He is requesting judicial diversion probation. Evans must make restitution in amounts of $310.65 and $985 to the victims in the case.
A co-defendant, 37 year old Sherry May Evans entered a plea by criminal information in October to theft over $500 and received a two year suspended sentence on judicial diversion probation. She must make restitution of $985 to the victim.
Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on Saturday, September 17 both Ricky and Sherry Evans allegedly took items from a houseboat at Pates Ford Marina including several silver coins, a Kel-Tec 9 millimeter rifle, a Smith & Wesson 380 handgun, a Winchester 410 shotgun, clothing, jewelry, a spotlight, candles and other items. The owner of the houseboat discovered the theft and reported it. The case was investigated by a detective and deputies of the Sheriff’s Department and as a result some of the stolen weapons and other items have been recovered. Sheriff Ray said that some of the silver coins and jewelry were recovered in a purse belonging to Sherry Evans.
Meanwhile in the forgery case , Sheriff Ray said that on Monday, October 24 the Evans’ allegedly stole checks while Sherry also took a credit/debit card. The same day Ricky allegedly passed one of the checks with a forged signature at Wilson Bank & Trust in Smithville for $60. On Tuesday, October 25, Sherry Evans allegedly used the stolen credit/debit card in amounts of $25.09 and $67.17 at the Dollar General Store and on Thursday, October 27 at Redbox in the amount of $9.88. The next day, Wednesday, October 26 Ricky and Sherry together passed another forged check for $148.51 at Wal-mart in Smithville. Again Ricky Evans entered a plea and was sentenced in the forgery case and must make restitution to Wilson Bank & Trust in the amount of $310.65.
44 year old Patsy McCoy entered a plea to tampering with evidence and is facing a three year sentence as a range I offender to run concurrently with a violation of probation against her. McCoy was given jail credit from December 4, 2015 to December 12, 2016.
McCoy was arrested by Smithville Police on Friday, December 4, 2015 for theft of property, criminal trespass, simple possession of Schedule IV & VI drugs and tampering with evidence. Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart in reference to a shoplifter. Upon arrival officers saw McCoy placing items in plastic bags. She had previously been ordered by store management to keep away from Walmart through a “Notification of Restriction from Property”. As she was being taken into custody and placed in the patrol car, McCoy was observed with a bag in her hand which contained a leafy green substance which was later determined to be marijuana. Also in the bag was a prescription bottle containing two pills which didn’t match the prescription. While in custody, McCoy removed a pill from her person and crushed it before it was checked into evidence.
33 year old Brandi Lynn Dorris entered a plea to possession of a schedule III drug with intent to sell and received a four year sentence all suspended to TDOC probation. She was fined $2,000 and was given one day of jail credit. Dorris was named in an August grand jury sealed indictment for possession of a schedule III controlled substance ( 4-Suboxone) with the intent to sell or deliver on or about December 21, 2015. Dorris was arrested on Tuesday, July 26.
33 year old David Lee Bean entered a plea to driving under the influence and received a sentence of 11 months and 29 days all suspended to CPS probation except for 48 hours to serve. He was fined $350. Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, April 12, 2015 a deputy received a call about a wreck on Highway 70 east at Sligo bridge. The officer observed a 1999 Saturn in a ditch and spoke to the driver, Bean who said he had been on his way to get his wife. Bean’s speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. Bean performed poorly on field sobriety tasks. He also submitted to a blood alcohol test. Bean was placed under arrest.

Cookeville Man Escapes Serious Injury in Rollover Wreck

A 26 year old Cookeville man escaped serious injury in a rollover accident on Highway 56 (Cookeville Highway) near Floating Mill Road Monday morning.
Trooper Chris Delong of the Tennessee Highway Patrol told WJLE that Emmanuel R. Rosas was driving south in a 2007 Honda Civic when he lost control while negotiating a curve, overcorrected, and went off the highway. The car overturned coming to rest on its side near an embankment.
Rosas got out of the car under his own power and suffered only minor injuries. He was treated at the scene by DeKalb EMS but refused transport to the hospital.
The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department and DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department also rendered assistance at the scene.

Prisoners Charged with Assault After Fighting in Jail

Two prisoners in the DeKalb County Jail got into a fight last week and each has been charged with assault. Bond for 24 year old Dakota James Stith and 31 year old Jordan Thomas Adams is $3,500 each and they will make a court appearance on December 15. The fight occurred on Monday, December 5.
Seagate Crystal Reports – REPOR_0.pdf (3.37 MB)
Another prisoner, 32 year old Michael Brandon Redmon is charged with vandalism after causing damage to a patrol car while being taken from a dentist office in DeKalb County to the Fentress County Jail where he is being housed for DeKalb County. Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on October 28 while an officer was transporting him back to Fentress County from the dentist office, Redmon got mad and broke the glass on the passenger side back door of a DeKalb County Patrol car. The repair cost to fix the vehicle was $745. Redmon was charged on Friday, December 9.
45 year old Richard Manuel Standridge of Laverne Street, Alexandria is charged with a 4th offense of driving on a suspended license. He was further cited for failure to display a license plate on his vehicle and for driving on roadways laned for travel. His bond is $6,000 and his court date is January 5th. Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, December 11 a deputy was patrolling Banks Pisgah Road when he spotted a vehicle, which had no license plate, traveling over the center line. The officer stopped the vehicle which was being driven by Standridge. A computer check revealed that Standridge’s license had been suspended in Athens Tennessee for failure to appear.
20 year old Katelin Nicole Spivey of Liberty is charged with domestic assault. Her bond is $1,500 and her court date is January 5. Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, December 11 a man came to the Sheriff’s Office stating he had been assaulted by his ex fiancé, Spivey. The man was found to have multiple scratches and bruises around his neck and chest area. He also had a scratch and bruise on his head. The victim told officers he feared for his life.

Police Find Convicted Felon with Drugs and a Gun

Smithville Police, answering a routine call last week, found a convicted felon in possession of pills, methamphetamine, hypodermic needles and a gun.
40 year old Brandon Lee Starnes is charged with possession of a schedule II drug with intent to resale, illegal carrying or possession of a weapon as a convicted felon, and he was cited for simple possession, drug paraphernalia possession, a driver license violation, registration violation, and violation of financial responsibility.
Police were called Wednesday, December 7 to check on someone passed out at the steering wheel of a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. Upon arrival, the officer spotted a bag of pills in plain view on the passenger seat. As Starnes, the driver, got out of the car, police observed a handgun between the driver seat. Starnes was then placed into custody. After Starnes gave consent to search the vehicle, police found two black bags and two scales in the center console. Inside one bag were smaller bags which contained a white powdery substance. Two of the smaller bags held a clear crystal substance and there were several empty plastic bags. The substances found are believed to be methamphetamine which weighed 1.5 ounces. A total of 12 pills were recovered including two believed to be 30mg morphine and ten believed to be 10mg oxymorphone. Twelve hypodermic needles were also found in the automobile. Police are in the process of seizing Starnes car and the cash found on him. Bond for Starnes is $20,000 and his court date is December 22

Sycamore Baptist Dedicates New Addition

The congregation of Sycamore Baptist Church recently gathered with Pastor Richard Williams, past members, and local community supporters to ask a prayer of blessing and dedication on their new fellowship building.
The little white church on the hill, located on the DeKalb/Cannon County line, was founded in 1871. The church celebrated with a ribbon cutting followed by a fellowship dinner in the new facility

Tyrone Owens Arrested for DUI After Rollover Crash

A 40 year old Smithville man lost control of his 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and crashed on Riley Avenue this morning (Monday).
Tyrone Owens escaped injury but has been charged by Smithville Police with driving under the influence. He was also cited for simple possession of pills, violation of the financial responsibility law (no insurance), and violation of the implied consent law.
Patrolman Andy Snow told WJLE that Owens was north on Riley Avenue when he lost control in a curve. The vehicle went off the street and overturned on its top. Owens had to be assisted from the vehicle but he wasn’t hurt.
Officer Snow said Owens was unsteady on his feet. His speech was slow and slurred and he submitted to but performed poorly on field sobriety tasks. He refused to take a blood test. Officer Snow also spotted a small baggie in the car which held 11 small round blue pills believed to be Xanax.
Owens was placed under arrest.
Members of the Smithville Volunteer Fire Department and DeKalb EMS were also on the scene.

WJLE’s “Fearless Forecasters BOWL GAME Show” to air Thursday

The college football “Bowl Game” edition of WJLE’s “Fearless Forecasters” will air Thursday, December 15 at 4:30 p.m.
Members of the panel, Dewain Hendrixson, Scott Brown, Chad Kirby, Jeff James, Ricky Atnip, John Pryor, Joe Goodwin, Darrell Gill, and a special guest will pick who they think will win in each of the 40 college football bowl games including the eventual national champion. They will also make five underdog selections, picking five teams they think will win even though those teams are not favored to win.
The standings of the Fearless Forecasters for the regular season in picking winners are as follows:
Dewain Hendrixson: 141-68
Ricky Atnip: 140-69 (1)
Joe Goodwin: 139-70 (2)
Jeff James: 136-73 (5)
Guests: 131-78 (10)
John Pryor: 130-79 (11)
Darrell Gill: 129-80 (12)
Scott Brown: 126-83 (15)
Chad Kirby: 124-85 (17)
Underdog Points Standings (Number of points accumulated by the FORECASTERS according to the lines or spreads in picking underdogs who have won during the regular season and the records of success)
Darrell Gill: 77.5 points (6-8)
Jeff James: 65.5 points (5-9)
Ricky Atnip: 62.5 points (6-8)
Chad Kirby: 43 points (4-10)
John Pryor: 37 points (4-10)
Dewain Hendrixson: 30 points (5-8)
Scott Brown: 21.5 points (2-12)
Guests:13 points (2-12)
Joe Goodwin: 8 points (1-13)
The special guests who have appeared on the Fearless Forecasters Show this season are TWRA officer Tony Cross, DeKalb County Fire Chief and DeKalb County Farm Service Agency Executive Director Donny Green, DCHS Girls Basketball and Softball Coach Danny Fish, Minister Bill Robertson, County Mayor Tim Stribling, DCHS Baseball Coach Jon Adam Kefauver, Rhea County High School Girls Basketball Coach Darvin Gill, Cannon County educator Freddie Curtis, Minister Larry Green, County Clerk James L. (Jimmy) Poss, DCHS educator Chris Vance, DeKalb School System Attendance Supervisor Joey Reeder, MTNG CEO Jim Hodges, and Attorney Sarah Cripps.
The program is sponsored by Liberty State Bank, DeKalb County Ace Hardware, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas, Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, DeKalb County Insurance, DeKalb Tire and Service, and the Charles D. Atnip Realty & Auction Company.
Catch the “Fearless Forecasters” LIVE on WJLE Thursday, December 15 at 4:30 p.m.

Alexandria Christmas Parade Adds to Holiday Excitement (View Video Here)

Santa and Mrs. Claus made another appearance Sunday during the annual Alexandria Christmas parade.
Ms Brown Lawrence served as Grand Marshal. The parade also featured veterans and State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver along with the DCHS and Watertown High School bands among other attractions.

Wilson Bank and Trust took first place among the float entries. The Mount Zion Baptist Church float received second place and third place went to the Middle Tennessee Taekwondo.
Charles Cantrell was awarded first place in the vintage car category for his 1956 Chevy Corvette while Randy Murphy received second place for his 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Third place went to Dayton Jamison for his 1990 Fox Body Mustang
Cody Hale took first place for best tractor with his 1952 John Deere MT
Robert Lee won first place for his horse drawn cart. Grady George received second place for his mule drawn wagon. Third place went to Randy Slager for his horse drawn wagon.
Drawings for prizes were held after the parade.

Chimney Fire Forces Mother and Infant from their Home

A Dowelltown woman escaped with her infant child after discovering a chimney fire at their home Saturday morning.
“We responded to 578 Frazier Hollow Road in Dowelltown Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m. for a chimney fire at the residence of Catlynn Watt, who was at home with her infant child when she found her chimney on fire,” said DeKalb County Fire Chief Donny Green.
“When firefighters arrived, they found flames shooting from the top of the chimney and that creosote had ignited inside the chimney liner. Firefighters were able to use dry chemical extinguishers to put out the fire before any structural damage occurred,” Chief Green continued.
The Liberty and Main stations of the DeKalb County Fire department responded along with the department’s tanker truck, DeKalb EMS, and DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department.
Chief Green reminds residents who use wood heat to make sure their chimneys are inspected at least annually by a qualified person and cleaned and maintained regularly. “Always use seasoned firewood and never use fire wood high in tar residue such as pine and cedar,” Chief Green advised.

“Christmas on the Square” Thursday Night

The Christmas season has arrived and you are invited to join in the celebration Thursday evening, December 15 downtown Smithville for “Christmas on the Square”.
The event will be held from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the public square.
Courthouse officials and the Chamber of Commerce will have an Open House. And you can visit the county officials in the courthouse basement where you’ll find lots of goodies to eat!
There will be a Free Photo Booth and Holiday Music in the courthouse compliments of the City of Smithville. And the DeKalb County Board of Education folks will be giving away Free Books and Hot Chocolate on the south side of the square.
Justin Potter Library will have a special program starting at 5 PM. And Santa will be making an appearance, so remember to bring your camera.
And don’t forget about all the great downtown shopping!
Hope you can come for this special night – Thursday, December 15th from 5 to 8 PM – Christmas on the Square!
Due to the extreme cold weather conditions, there will be no outdoor entertainment or tree lighting ceremony this year.