Sheriff Announces Formation of Crime Suppression Unit

Sheriff Patrick Ray announces the formation of a new Crime Suppression Unit at the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. This new Unit will focus on a team concept that uses a variety of resources including the members of the Department and citizens of our communities in DeKalb County.
Members of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Suppression Unit will work a variety of assignments with the investigative division of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. This unit is assigned by the Sheriff to work in areas where members of the community have expressed concerns about possible illegal activity or where there is a need for special tactical or unmarked patrol. Specific examples are: detection of traffic violators, conducting covert surveillance related to drug activity, completing field interviews on suspicious persons, executing search warrants, and seeking out and arresting individuals who violate state laws. This unit is designed by the Sheriff to attempt to deter criminal activity resulting in an improved quality of life for citizens throughout the county, and will have a direct positive impact on the communities’ safety and concerns.
The Sheriff has appointed Officer’s within the Department to serve on the Unit. This unit includes members of the Sheriff’s Department’s Road Deputies, K-9 Unit, and Detective Division. Each member of the Unit will be an active, responsible, trained, and experienced officer of the Sheriff’s Department.
The Crime Suppression Unit of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department will focus on 5 major target areas, as well as other criminal activity that arises in the county.
The 5 major target areas are:
1.Manufacture, Sell, and Delivery of Illegal Narcotics
2.Problem-Oriented Policing Projects
3.Property Crime Suppression
4.Gang Enforcement and Suppression
5.Alcohol Beverage Control Enforcement
Sheriff Ray says that community involvement is the key to making this initiative work. “DeKalb County is a rural county with a growing population. As the population grows, so does the occurrences of crimes. Subsequently, our citizens’ “eyes and ears” are important tools in helping us detect criminal activities,” says Sheriff Ray.

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