School Board Begins Evaluation of Director

The School Board began its annual performance evaluation of Director of Schools Mark Willoughby in a workshop Monday night.
Board members are using a four page evaluation form to rate Director Willoughby 1-5 in each of 60 areas on his relationship with the Board, the Community, Staff and Personnel, Educational Leadership, Business and Finance, Personal Qualities, Strategic Planning Skills, and Tennessee Specific questions. A rating of “1” means his performance is “Consistently Below Expectations”. A “5” rating signifies that Willoughby “Meets All Expectations”. A rating with an asterisk (*) symbol means he “Exceeds Expectations”.
Other ratings the board members may give are:
“2”-Meets Few Expectations
“3”-Meets Some Expectations
“4”-Meets Most Expectations
Monday night’s workshop was cordial between the parties and although board members posed a few questions to Director Willoughby, they decided to reserve most of the evaluation process for individual meetings with him on a one to one basis during the remainder of the week.
Once the evaluation is completed, each board member will score Willoughby in all of the 60 areas on the form. The process has to be completed this week.
Willoughby’s contract states that the evaluation of the Director shall occur annually and no later than January 31 each calendar year.
All board members were present during Monday night’s workshop except for Kate Miller, who was unable to attend.
For five of the seven school board members, who have been in office less than five months, this is their first evaluation of this Director of Schools.
Willoughby’s current contract with the board is scheduled to expire June 30th, 2017. He has served as Director of Schools since July 1st, 2006.

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