Made in USA – Omega Apparel to Hold Monthly Job Fair

Made in USA is alive in the apparel industry and Omega Apparel will be holding a monthly job fair as a result. Omega is planning to hire 40+ new teammates in January and up to 100 new teammates in the next 6-months. “We could not be more excited to be hiring again” shared Dean Wegner, President and CEO. “2014 was disheartening as we lost jobs as a result of a ~50% reduction in our military contract business.” Added Russ Brue, CFO, “What is more important to us than making money at Omega is to be in a position to create jobs, provide for families, and have a positive impact on their lives.”
As a result of the reduction in their military uniform business, Omega had to change their business model and expand their customer focus. “At the start of 2014, we had one customer” stated Bethany Colwell, Customer Service Manager. “We now have 25+ customers. This is a daunting challenge, but one that all of us at Omega are eager to embrace.”
Omega’s new customers range from well-established companies to entrepreneurial startups that want their production to be in the US. “We have two distinctly different production models; one focused on our larger customers and one focused on our smaller customers” commented Todd McCloud, Plant Manager. “Regardless of a customer’s size” added Connie Jolley, Quality and Operations Manager, “we stand for the highest level of quality, timely delivery, and customer service in the industry.”
HR Manager Michelle Brawley is leading the efforts for Omega’s job fair. “Given the growth we are projecting over the next year, finding strong new teammates will be our greatest challenge. We can teach a new teammate to sew. We are seeking individuals who have a have great attitude, strong work ethic, and are willing to embrace our values and 5 Foundations at Omega. We will hold our first monthly job fair on Friday, January 16th.” Details on the monthly job fair are included below.
Company Overview: Omega Apparel Incorporated is military veteran owned and the #1 supplier of dress trousers, slacks, and skirts for the US Military. Over a 20-year partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Omega Apparel earned a reputation as one of the most consistent, dependable, and high quality producing manufacturers for the US Military. Omega has a long history of always delivering on time and with the highest level of quality. Omega’s production facility is located in Smithville, TN, and includes a highly trained workforce of skilled operators and supporting staff. Omega is a principles and values based organization centered on 5 Foundations of Ownership, Customer, Quality, Efficiency, and Teamwork. In 2013, Omega leveraged their depth of knowledge and expertise in the military apparel industry to enter the commercial market and provide a full range of cut and sew manufacturing capabilities to service multiple industries. In 2014, Omega established a Dress Shirt Production Line and an Assembly Division. Omega will continue to be 100% Made in the USA.

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