Hall Residence Destroyed By Fire

A fire early Thursday morning destroyed the home of Martha Hall at 3754 Holmes Creek Road.
County Fire Chief Donny Green says the call came in at 1:35 a.m. and members of the Main Station, Cookeville Highway, and Short Mountain Highway Stations quickly responded.
According to Chief Green, Ms. Hall was at home asleep when she was awakened by an alarm and her barking dog. She discovered a large fire in the front portion of her home and escaped with her dog. Ms. Hall ran to a neighbors house and knocked on the door, but could not awake them, so she got in her car and drove to DeKalb Market to call for help.
Chief Green says the fire was well underway by the time firefighters arrived and they could not save the home or any of the contents.
Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, to keep it from spreading to a neighbor’s house about thirty feet away.
Ms. Hall and her dog made it out of the burning home without any injuries.
The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department and DeKalb EMS were also on the scene.

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