Discovery of One Dead and Two Malnourished Dogs Results in Arrest of Local Man

A Smithville man has been charged with animal abuse after two malnourished dogs and a dead canine were found on his property.
47 year old Roy Wilkey, Jr. of South College Street, Smithville is under a $1,500 bond and he will be in court January 16. Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on Christmas Day, a deputy was dispatched to a residence on Poplar Street to do a welfare check on dogs. Upon arrival, the officer found three dogs, two living and one that was dead. One of the canines was chained to a push mower and could not get to his water dish nor his dog house. No dog food could be found on the premises and the animals appeared to be very malnourished. The homeowner said the dogs had been in this condition for about a month.
Meanwhile, 37 year old Michael Odell Bly of Bell Street, Smithville is charged with initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine. Sheriff Ray said that on Saturday, January 11 a deputy went to Bell Street Apartments in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant on Bly for violation of parole. The homeowner gave consent to a search and in a back bedroom the officer found a black bag containing a one pot cook bottle, tubing, coffee filters, and lighter fluid. In the bathroom, the deputy found a Mason jar that contained Coleman fuel. The search also turned up a two liter bottle with muriatic acid in the wood line behind the residence. According to Sheriff Ray, Bly was found to be in possession of the black bag which contained the meth lab components. He was arrested and brought to the jail for booking. His bond is $50,000 on the meth charge. He is being held without bond for the parole violation. Bly will be in court on February 19.
44 year old Kelli Rae Bullard of Holmes Creek Road, Smithville is charged with driving under the influence of an intoxicant. She was also issued a citation for failure to maintain a lane of travel. Her bond is $1,500 and she will be in court February 19. Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, January 12, a deputy received a call of a possible drunk driver on Highway 56 north. The car was a dark colored sedan. The officer spotted the car and observed it crossing the yellow center line and the white line of the highway. He initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and found the driver to be Bullard. She submitted to but performed poorly on field sobriety tasks. Bullard also submitted to a blood test. She was arrested and brought to the jail for booking.
27 year old Shawn Michael Giddens of Spencer is charged with public intoxication. His bond is $1,500 and he will be in court on January 23. Sheriff Ray said that on Saturday, January 11 as an officer was working a wreck on the Sparta Highway, Giddens came up demanding a ride to Spencer. He was very unsteady on his feet and he had a strong smell of alcohol on his person. He refused to sit in the car or call someone else to pick him up. Due to his level of intoxication, Giddens was arrested and brought to the jail for booking.
20 year old Killian Blake Ellis of New Hope Road, Alexandria is charged with domestic assault, vandalism over $500, and theft of property under $500. He was further issued a citation for driving on a suspended license. Ellis’ bond totals $9,000 and he will be in court on January 16. Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, January 12 a deputy responded to Prichard’s Foods in Alexandria after a woman called central dispatch, saying she needed a police officer. Before any further information could be obtained, the phone disconnected. The deputy and an Alexandria Police Officer pulled over two vehicles on Highway 53, one driven by the woman who placed the call and another behind her, driven by Ellis. After speaking to both persons, officers determined that a domestic incident had occurred between Ellis and the woman. According to Sheriff Ray, Ellis took the woman’s phone from her and jumped on the hood of her car as she was trying to get away from him. A similar incident occurred on December 19 in which the woman phoned 911 to report that Ellis was preventing her from leaving on that occasion.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Ray said that Ellis’s vandalism and theft charges are the result of an incident with a vending machine at Prichard’s Foods in Alexandria on December 15th. According to Sheriff Ray, Ellis vandalized a Cola Cola machine by using a pry bar, causing $1,000 worth of damage. After breaking into the drink machine, Ellis allegedly took $50 worth of coins.
Another person is also charged with Ellis in the incident with the drink machine. 36 year old Martha Shelyane Silcox of Carthage is charged with vandalism over $500 and theft of property under $500. Her bond is $6,500 and she will be in court January 16. Sheriff Ray said Silcox was the driver of the vehicle who dropped off Ellis and then picked him up after he broke into the drink machine.

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