DeKalb Man Robbed During Online Date

DeKalb County man was the victim of a robbery after connecting with a woman he met on an on-line date site known as Plenty of Fish.
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According to a report from the Southern Standard in McMinnville, the 27-year-old DeKalb County man, who was not identified, was robbed at gun point at a Warren County cemetery recently and his car was stolen. The man had to walk to a nearby house to call 911.
The story unfolded after Warren County deputies were summoned to Blues Hill Cemetery on Short Mountain Road and learned the victim had been ambushed soon after parking there with his date, a woman the victim knew at the time only as “Patricia.” He had connected with the woman on the internet dating site.
The newspaper reported that a male subject then tapped on the victim’s window and showed a handgun. The DeKalb man then rolled down the window and the assailant grabbed him and made him get out of the car. The victim was then struck in the mouth with the gun.
The suspect, later identified as Nicholas James Klingerman, age 25, jumped into the victim’s new Ford Mustang and fled the scene along with the woman, identified as Cheyenne Cook, age 18.
According to the story, the victim said he had never met the woman before their date but said they had gone to Walmart, the skating rink, bowling alley and Applebee’s before she suggested they drive to the isolated cemetery.
When authorities suspected Klingerman and Cook were responsible for the crime, they went to their home and were given permission to search. Authorities found 24 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia
In the end, the two were charged with carjacking and aggravated robbery. The crimes carry a sentence of up to 12 years in prison.

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