DCHS Tigerette Boosters Appreciate Community Support for Dodgeball Challenge

The DCHS Tigerette Booster Club would like to thank the community for coming together and making the Tigerette “Last One Standing” dodgeball challenge a great success.
Women’s Division Winners:
First Place: Average Joe’s
Lexi Bates, Hannah Panter, Maddi Dickens, Myranda Bailiff, Maddison Parsley, Kayley Caplinger
Second Place and Best Dressed Team: All Dodge No Balls
Annieka Norton, Lindsey Taylor, Brandi Norton, Mindy Versluis, Katie Hall, Crystal Vickers, Chelsey Brannon
Third Place:
Teach Me How to Dodgey
Chelsye Madden, Kristina Stephens, Kristian Nelson, Dondra Marcum, Victoria Bennett, Cynthia Woodard, Morgan Atnip
Men’s Division:
First Place: The Mighty Duckers
John Barber, Sebastian Phillips, Lucas Phillips, Tyler Kent, Tyler Caldwell, Zack Rowland
Second Place: The Benchwarmers
Tad Webb, Ethan Roller, Relley Yott, Waylon West, Kalab Ferrell, Joey Agee
Third Place: Sniper Gang
Hunter Parkhurst, Gage Duggin, Brady Bates, Alex Hall, John Roller, Ian Johnson
High School Division:
First Place: Snoop Dodgers
Paxton Butler, Christian Pruitt, John Maynard, Lee Randolph, Jacob Self, Hunter Jennings
Second Place: The Dirty Dodgers
Riley Sexton, Jessie Smith, Omar Aldino, Colton Seifert, Braxton Linder, Ethan Martin
Third Place: Ball of Duty
Bill Miller, Daniel Puckett, Alan Munoz, Jake Ramsey, Dallas Cook, Justin Washer

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