County Commission to Discuss Extended Hours for Beer Sales

The DeKalb County Commission may soon decide whether or not to authorize Sunday beer sales or to make it 24-7, the same as the City of Smithville has done for businesses licensed to sell packaged beer.
During an informal county commission meeting Thursday night, in what is called an all-committees session, local businessman Jewel Redmon, owner of Jewel’s Market and Pizza on North Congress Boulevard asked that stores be allowed to sell beer on Sunday. “I would like the county commission to consider letting us sell beer on Sunday,” said Redman. “Eighty five percent of the places (licensed stores) in DeKalb County sell beer on Sunday now anyway. We would just like to have the same opportunity to compete with our competition. I don’t care about all the hours. We just need, say til twelve o’clock in the morning and Sundays. Being 24 (hours) I really don’t care about that,” said Redmon.
“We would like to have it the same as it is in the city” said Roger Sharp, owner of Sharp Lodge on Cookeville Highway near Silver Point.
Local minister Bernard Houk asked the county commission not to extend the hours for beer sales. Houk said this issue is personal with him because he has seen how that alcohol has destroyed lives. He urged the commissioners to think about what’s best for people rather than somebody’s wallet.
Although the issue is on the agenda, the county commission is not expected to make a decision Monday night. County Mayor Mike Foster suggested Thursday night that a public hearing be scheduled at some point to give citizens a chance to express their views. County officials may also want to take some time to see how the changes made in the city are working out.
Meanwhile, County Mayor Foster said he has received complaints about loud noise coming from a business (Chabelita’s Sports Bar and Grill) on the Short Mountain Highway late at night on weekends. “I’ve probably had ten phone calls about it and I know the sheriff has had some about it. I got a call Monday that they were going til two o’clock Sunday morning. The noise was so loud that they couldn’t sleep. I think we need to put a clause in whatever we do to address these type things because that’s in a residential neighborhood. I think they’ve got to use some common sense or lose their license. I’d be the first one to recommend that,” said Foster.
“They tell me you (sheriff) get calls on the weekends to go out there about the noise,” said Foster
“Every weekend, probably three times a night,” said Sheriff Patrick Ray.
” I probably get three calls a week. It needs to be shut down. I’m for locking the doors or pulling their permit,” added Foster.
Some suggested that the county beer board be made aware of the complaints.
Chabelita’s Sports Bar and Grill has an on premises consumption permit to sell beer

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