County Clerk Announces New Location for Drivers License Kiosk

Customers needing the services of the Driver’s License Kiosk machine will now find it more conveniently located inside the County Clerk’s Office.
“Prior to my involvement it (Kiosk machine) was initially situated at the far end of the hallway upon entering the county office building. That placement has shown to have been very difficult for customers to recognize, viewing from a distance a machine from the rear with no identifiable signage visible. Also the distance of walking for the disabled, people using walkers and wheelchairs was much farther before. In addition to its poor location and for other reasons many citizens remain unaware of the existence of the Kiosk machine. With all considered I felt moving this machine would offer better recognition, convenience and allow our office to better assist the customer. I coordinated this relocating process through The Department of Safety and Homeland Security and the Kiosk machine was officially moved Friday December 12,” said County Clerk James L. “Jimmy” Poss.

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