Bids Awarded for New Airport Fuel Farm and Airfield Lighting

Work is expected soon on the installation of a new fuel farm and airfield lighting system at the Smithville Municipal Airport.
The Smithville Aldermen Monday night approved bids for both projects, which will mostly be funded by aeronautics grants from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). The bid for the fuel farm project was awarded to the TPM Group upon the recommendation of the city’s airport engineer Craig Clairmont. TPM’s base bid amount is $544,920. The original grant amount for the fuel farm was for $330,000 but the state has approved an amendment to the grant for an additional $220,000 to cover the costs. The city, which had already paid a five percent local match of $16,500 for the grant, will have to fund an additional $12,250 for the local match of the grant amendment.
In a previous interview with WJLE, Airport Manager Wesley Nokes said that the new fuel farm will make available for the first time jet fuel. “We currently do not sell jet fuel at the airport so this will be a huge increase in traffic and revenue for us as we have not been able to provide that service before. But after this, we will. Even some of our current customers, businesses, and factories in the area that have corporate aircraft, when they come in they have no way of refueling here. They have to go somewhere else for fuel before they come in or after they leave so it will be a huge convenience factor for them and help us on the revenue aspect of it as well. There will be two above ground tanks. They will be twelve thousand gallon tanks. They will be operated on a self serve basis twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They will be accessible by a debit or credit card,” he said.
Meanwhile, the aldermen also approved a bid for an airport lighting rehabilitation project for $456,000 from G&M Associates upon Clairmont’s recommendation. Again, because the cost of the project exceeds the original grant amount, the state has approved a grant amendment of $25,000. The city will have to come up with an additional $1,250 in local matching funds for the grant amendment.
“This grant is to replace all the airfield lighting with new LED’s, a new beacon, beacon tower, and a new electrical vault which will be outside and will house all of our airfield lighting electronics. That will get it out of the big hangar which will free up some more space for the maintenance operation,” said Nokes.

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